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I’m Hayley, a multimedia journalist based in London, currently writing about innovations at the forefront of technology for 3D Printing Industry, while maintaining a travel and lifestyle blog and other freelance ventures on the side. Prior to this, I held staff writer, reporter and editor roles at CyclingIndustry.News and Torque Magazine.

In the three years since graduating with a NCTJ Diploma in Journalism alongside my Journalism studies degree, I have gained experience in news and feature writing for online and print, producing content for social media, podcast hosting and editing, video production, graphic design and SEO. I also project-managed the launch of a new international B2B publication for the US market from scratch, and was made editor three months later.

I love discussing and writing about sport, technology, travel, the environment and politics in addition to a whole host of other topics. While these subjects interest me in particular, I have a wide-ranging media skillset and a keen eye for news angles that ensures my skills are applicable to a variety of subject matters.

Hayley Everett
Chris Hoy (left) interviewed by Hayley Everett (right) in February 2020.
Sir Chris Hoy (left) interviewed by Hayley Everett (right) in February 2020.

If you’d like to find out more, or would like to work with me, please get in touch.

3D Printing Industry

In my current role as Technology Journalist at 3DPI, I report across the latest 3D printing-related innovations across a whole host of different sectors, including: medical, aerospace, research, automotive, construction, fashion, the arts, and more. I conduct interviews with prominent industry figures and attend and report from both trade and consumer-facing shows and events, in addition to sourcing, pitching and writing daily news articles.


As part of my role at 3DPI, I host and moderate panel discussions in the form of online webinars, which often attract hundreds of live viewers. In addition to hosting the discussion, I am responsible for idea and topic generation, sourcing speakers, organizing technical run-throughs and preparation in lead-up to the event. Below are links to the online events I have moderated on behalf of 3D Printing Industry.

Cycling Industry News


In my role as a Multimedia Reporter, I sourced and produced daily news articles for the website and promoted these across multiple social media channels. Part of my role included interviewing industry heads and experts in person, via phone and email, in addition to representing the publication both in the UK and internationally at trade shows, events and meetings. I also launched, recorded and edited an industry specialized podcast, have a listen here.


Torque Magazine


In my role as a Multimedia Reporter, I sourced and produced daily news and features for the website, interviewing representatives from all levels of the supply chain. I also represented the publication both in the UK and internationally at trade shows, events and meetings, including Europe, Asia, and the US.


Torque USA

I project managed the launch of Torque USA – an innovative digital magazine for the United States’ fastener, tool, construction and manufacturing industries – over a six month period between September 2019 – March 2020. Taking on this project in addition to my full-time reporter role, I conducted in-depth market research and analysis, curated key domestic and overseas contacts, directed the media communications strategy for the brand launch, and managed the publication’s online and social media activity.

Prior to launching the first issue, I was promoted to Editor and became solely responsible for sourcing, prioritising and delivering all editorial content across the website and digital magazine. Read the launch issue here.


I co-launched the CI.N Podcast in January 2019 on behalf of CyclingIndustry.News – a trade-facing topical podcast for the cycling industry discussing business, retail, cycling advocacy, the environment, and sustainable mobility, in addition to a wide range of other topics.

I co-hosted and edited the podcast, sourcing guests, conducting interviews, and monitoring engagement and reaction through our social channels. Have a listen via the embedded player above, or click here for a full list of episodes.


Sport Saved My Life: I filmed this short film as part of my final year project at university, exploring how sport can provide positive benefits to individuals coping with mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. The film features the stories of two interviewees who describe how taking up sport has turned their life around, as well as insight into how mental health can affect the professional side of sport.

Working for Free: I filmed this short news package as the second part of my final year university project, investigating unpaid internships within the journalism and the media industry. The film brings together the views of both those undertaking unpaid internships, and those delivering them, to provide an insight into the topic.

Taiwan Factory Tour 2019: During my time at Torque Magazine, I was invited on a press trip to Taiwan to tour the factories of 10 fastener and tool companies. I produced a short video of my time there, filming the manufacturing facilities and processes of the companies for inclusion within a manufacturing review article for our digital magazine.


Hayley travels: I started my travel blog in October 2019 as a way of diversifying my writing and giving myself the freedom to be a little more creative with my work. I love travelling to new places, exploring different cultures, and trying out authentic food and drink from around the world, and getting to write about it is a bonus. I fit working on my blog around my full-time job, and would love to dedicate more time to it in the future to grow its reach and post more regular, engaging content.

Graphic Design