Something a little different…

I’ve been writing this travel blog for about a year and a half now, and have loved writing about all the incredible places I’ve visited. Sharing my experiences and thoughts on my different trips has been great, and I’m so grateful for all the lovely comments I have received since I started this website. I still have lots of content to come on the travel front that I haven’t got round to writing up yet, but in light of the pandemic I feel this is a good opportunity to branch out and write about some different things, too.

This is why I’m adding a lifestyle section to the blog, where I will post about a whole range of things from well-being and health to cooking and hobbies, and from sports and fitness to podcasts and book reviews. I would love to hear of any other suggestions for topics to cover, book, film, series and podcast recommendations, recipe suggestions and so on – get in touch with me here.

I’m already working on some great (I hope!) content that I can’t wait to start sharing with you all, so stay tuned!